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BBC School Report 2016

10th March 2016

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HRI - A & E Closure

Adele at the Brits

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HRI - A & E Closure

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Interview with Jason McCartney MP on the issue of the closure

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Today’s top story is about the HRI hospital closure. Many protests have been going on about the closure and the petition on the government website is currently around 60,000 and altogether they need 100,000!

The trust says the way hospital services are currently not "sustainable".

If the A+E closes, patients will have to travel to Halifax, Wakefield or Barnsley for emergency treatment.

Some angry protesters stated: “This is not acceptable”, “We have to stop this”, "and we’re such a huge town that we warrant our own A&E department, ‘’I really do not understand any of the arguments”.

One of the main protests that have taken place was on the 27th February. People gathered in St Georges square from 11:30am until 1:30pm. Speeches took place until the very end. People dressed up in fancy dress and wrote with chalk on the floor to tell people they wanted the accident and emergency department to stay.

To make sure everyone knows about the protests, fan pages have been set up on Facebook and Twitter. People have come out, opened up and made their voices heard. Petitions were signed, speeches were made and people were happy because their voices were officially heard eventually. Many people took part in this protest and people enjoyed themselves. Two year 8 students have interviewed Jason McCartney (The local MP). He expressed how he felt about the HRI issue. This interview is included in this report.

Students and teachers of MEA have a collection of interviews and pictures from both staff and students and comments from local residents.

Response from Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust

1. Why are you closing HRI A&E.
The current A&E at HRI is being renamed as an urgent care centre. Most people who currently come to the A&E will be cared for there. These are people with sprains, strains, broken bones, infections, minor burns and scalds or a condition that would be treated at a GP practice but it is closed.

Dr Mark Davies, Clinical Director for Emergency Care at Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust said

“There are three key challenges for the hospital, directly due to providing an emergency department on two sites. They are:

· Safe staffing levels – having enough specially trained doctors and nurses available;
· two sites offering different services across the patch making transfers between the two sites inevitable;
· being unable to provide a dedicated paediatric emergency centre on both sites.

At the moment we are trying to provide the same services on both sites so we can accommodate any patient who comes through the door. But we don’t have enough staff to do this safely. If we pool our expertise on one site we can be sure we can manage all patients without the need to transfer. Of course, we have mitigation in place for all these circumstances, but it is still far from the best or safest way to deliver care for our patients”.

2. How will affect it the community
There are a lot of rumours out there at the moment. Most people will still receive their care for accidents locally as above. If they are more seriously injured and if they need to go to Calderdale then there will be many more specialist doctors and nurses 24/7 to make sure they get the best possible care.

3. What would be the advantages if the HRI A&E was to be closed down?
We know that too many people are waiting for longer than they should to find out what is wrong with them, stay in hospital longer than they need to, and tell us that they do not have a good experience in A&E. We also know too many people have to come back into hospital after they have been discharged.

And it will also mean fewer people having to be ambulanced between the two hospitals as they are at the moment. For example If a child comes into the current A&E at HRI and needs specialist paediatric care they have to be transferred to Calderdale. Under the proposals, there would be a new specialist children’s emergency centre for children which we have not had locally before.

4. In conclusion what is your overall opinion about the A&E closure?
The proposals have been designed by local GPs and hospital doctors and nurses to provide the best and safest possible care for people in Huddersfield and Calderdale. It will make sure we have enough staff with the right facilities around them 24/7 and will secure that we have a full range of hospital care locally into the future.

Clinical Director of Emergency Care

Q & A with Local Residents

If you had to request something to go to the government what would it be?
The resident’s replies were that they would say please keep A&E opened as it is really important to everyone

What do u think are the advantages and disadvantages?
The advantages are that something useful could be made and the disadvantages are that well have to travel to Halifax and the patients may die.

Why do we need A&E?
We need A&E because that’s where everyone takes there family member’s also it is quicker rather than travelling to Halifax.

How is it useful?
A&E is very useful because if someone has an accident then it will be quicker to get there.

How will this affect us and our lives?
This will affect our lives because if we have a heart attack or anything then at least we can call the ambulance and get to A&E in Huddersfield quicker where as if it’s in Halifax it will take time to get there. And then there will a patient’s life at risk because the patient might die in that time.



Adele at the Brits

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Adele is Queen of the Brits, winning four awards including best British female solo artist and best album. One of the biggest pop singers surprises with the hit song ‘When we were young’. “To come back after so long and be so warmly received means so much," she said. The star, who closed the show by performing When We Were Young, also received best British single and the Global Success award. BRITS Chairman Max Lousada said: “You couldn’t get a bigger name in music right now”. Adele has had an amazing night I hope she’s proud of her achievements.


Sports News

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The t20 world cup had started on the 8th march and the first crucial match will be India vs new Zealand on Tuesday 15th march.

Euro 2016 in France:
Northern Ireland's Chris Brunt looks set to miss this summer's Euro 2016 finals in France with a knee injury.

Europa league
Today is the day Liverpool take on Manchester united in the Europa league these too clubs haven’t played each other in Europe so who will win this big rivalry

Amir Khan will fight Canelo on May 7th Amir Khan has said “ I know Canelo fights the best and wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to face me like others have, my goal is to always fight the biggest names and the best fighters that is why I am excited for this fight. Also, I would like to thank my team and golden boy for this opportunity. I know I have the speed and ability to beat him and will give my fans what they deserve on may.